Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Blog Has A New Home!

Hi! My blog has a new home on my new website~ 

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Warmly, Tenaya

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Live Inside the Dream

Greetings and Happy Autumn dear ones!

I'm very excited to announce my final workshop for 2016.....

I am extending early-bird pricing until 11/15, so if you have a dream that feels unresolved or unfinished or perhaps have BIG DREAM that you want to explore further, this day-long workshop is a chance to dive back into your dream in a supportive space for further adventure, guidance and inspiration! 

The workshop will take place at the beautiful Heartspace in Fairfax~ 

Feel free to contact me with any questions~

We had a magical Dream Salon last Thursday~ Dreaming with the Ancestors~ We shared stories and memories of our departed loved ones, and strengthened our connection to them through our dreams. Have you ever dreamed of someone who has passed? One of my most powerful and cherished dreams was of my dear papa, who appeared in a dream dancing in rapture with an enormous black snake, just months before he died. To me he seemed to be dancing with the very force of creation itself...totally surrendered and accepting the dance of life and death. Then last week my stepmom called me urgently wanting to share a dream she had of a serpent...& we had the profound experience of shared dreaming. Our dreams connected & related~ It really brought home for me how we can dream for each other.  By sharing these intimate inner landscapes we can support each other and embrace our dream's healing messages.

The photos I used for this flier are of my dad and his grandpa, (Great Dziadzi), as well as my two grandmas and my great grandma (Nana Marie, Nana Aggie and Mimi)
Our departed ancestors are often waiting just beyond the veil, seeking to communicate their love, guidance and support to us across space and time if we are open to them. If you have a dream of a departed loved one that you would like to explore in a Private Dream Session, I would love to support you. This is one of my favorite areas to work with because it has such potential for clearing and healing. Dreams can offer a greater perspective on your relationship with your loved one, especially if things were left unresolved when they died. Sessions can take place at my office in Fairfax, or over the phone or Skype. For more info, please visit my website: www.dreamsthatspeak.com 

This Halloween I honored my Polish and Yugoslavian ancestors by dressing in a traditionally embroidered blouse of my grandma's from the 1950's. I made a Polish-style flower crown inspired by these breathtaking ones! 

I used fresh roses and sunflowers, as well as fragrant verbena and rosemary from my garden~ 

While out to dinner with friends to celebrate Halloween, my ancestors can through in an...unusual...way... I rarely eat garlic, and my pasta dish came out of the kitchen positively reeking of garlic. As I breathed dragon-breath on the friends sitting next to me, I suddenly remembered the pungent garlic odor that always seemed to emanate from my great-grandmother Nana Marie, eater of many a clove of raw garlic! :-) 

Here's a few pics from my recent 4-week Active Dreaming class,  Crafting a Book of Secrets. We created collaged dream journals using imagery and symbols from our dreams. After amassing quite a stash of paper ephemera over the last 10 years, it was thrilling to see it take on new life in the hands of my students.

Collage is a wonderful way to work with dreams~ It draws on the same well of playful energy and intuition of dreaming and helps evocative subconscious imagery come forth easily.

Completed collaged dream books
Hand-painted dream journal bookmarks for my students

As the days shorten and darken, it is a natural time to turn inward toward your dreams... Spending a few extra minutes in bed is a wonderful way to "catch" your dreams. Even a tiny wisp of a dream can lead to deep insights, so I encourage you to experiment with jotting down your dreams in the morning and see what they are speaking to you about...

Blessings and sweet dreaming,

The first Thursday Women's Dream Salon continues to grow into a beautiful community exploring the core techniques of Active Dreaming~ Sharing dreams as a group is powerful, profound and FUN! Please let me know if you'd like to join us for our last gathering of 2016 in Fairfax, CA on Thursday, December 1st.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Crafting a Book of Secrets

Hello friends! I hope you've had a great summer & are enjoying the last lazy days of the season. I've got lots to share, but first off, I'm excited to announce a brand new class I'm offering in Fairfax in October:

Crafting a Book of Secrets~ A four-week exploration of Active Dreaming culminating in the creation of a custom dream journal~
This month-long class series is devoted to discovering and honoring our deep dreams in a supportive and playful group. We'll explore the core practices of Active Dreaming (created by Robert Moss) though dream journeys, synchronicity games and Lightning Dreamwork. We'll discover the messages our dreams are sending us, and utilize this potent material as inspiration for our Book of Secrets (a custom dream journal). Using our own drawings and collected paper ephemera (all materials provided), I will guide you to create a personal and meaningful collaged dream book to collect your most cherished visions. ​

This is the magic we'll be creating!

Beginning Tuesday, October 4th, 2016, class meets for four consecutive Tuesdays in October: 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25 from 6:30-9:00 at Heartspace in Fairfax.

Early bird registration before 9/15~ $130
after 9/15~ $150

All materials included and each participant will receive a complimentary one-on-one Private Dream Session with me. (an $80 value)

To register and take advantage of early bird pricing, please email: dreamsthatspeak@gmail.com
I'm looking forward to teaching a class series where we'll have the chance to go more fully into this material, building the energy week by week, and feel the flow of synchronicity weave our weeks together. For the last 30+ years I've recorded my dreams, and have found the practice to be instructive, cathartic, and therapeutic. I've used dream material creatively for many years, and I'm excited to share one of my favorite techniques, collage.  Recently I assembled my lifetime of journals and was astonished to discover I had 52 of them! (I had figured I'd amassed maybe 10-12, but wow!)

If you feel called to take this adventure with me I'd love to have you, and if you have any family or friends who might be interested, please pass this email along to them!
In other news, I've had a summer of great transition, leaving my home of seven years in Woodacre to move ​to my very own Dream Nest in Lagunitas! It all happened very serendipitously, and I'm loving the quiet, fresh air, and sublime light of West Marin.

The view from my porch

My dream nest
In July I ventured to magical Mosswood Hollow in rural Washington state for Dream Teacher Training Level 2 with Robert Moss, reconnecting with dream family and meeting a few new dear friends~

Soul sister Lindsay

Every dream teacher at the training led a mini-workshop, so I got to experience a number of unique offerings, including a journey to meet beings of light, and a very playful journey of the Hero(ine), that included a wild ride roller coaster ride with a mermaid Ganesha! My inner child had an absolute blast coloring all day and playing endless rounds of Dream Theater!

I lead a mini-workshop called "Dreaming with the Plant Spirits". Inspired by the epic beauty of Mosswood, we journeyed to an enchanted garden to contact a plant spirit that had a special message for us. Each participant shared moving accounts of their plant journey, and I was thrilled to offer something I have long dreamed about. I'm excited to create more journeys to offer in upcoming classes and workshops. 

Our workshop space in the field at Mosswood Hollow

Altar for the Plant Spirits

After the workshop
The Monthly Women's Dream Salon in Fairfax continues to draw a spunky and spirited group of women~ If you'd like to join us, let me know! Dream Salon is the first Thursday of each month, from 6:30-9:00 in Fairfax. The next one is this coming Thursday, October 1st. More info is here.

Dream Salon space in Fairfax

That's all for now~ As the season turns, may you be guided on your soul's path, seeing the mystery and magic in the everyday~ The worlds of dream and waking are not as far apart as they seem......


"Tenaya has the rare gift of making you feel instantly at ease in her presence with her grace, compassion, and warmth. Her knowledge and intuition makes her dreamwork incredibly powerful. Under her guidance, I found myself making new and helpful connections between my dreams and everyday life. Thanks to her insights, I now have a new framework to utilize when I want to bridge inspiration and intuition in my life." ~Jaycee C. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Day for Dreaming

Greetings~ I hope this note finds your life blooming with the beauty and fragrance of Spring! I'm writing to remind you of my upcoming day-long dream workshop,  Dreaming for a Word of Power on Saturday, April 30th from 11-5 in San Anselmo, CA.

Every year I pick a word of intention to guide, influence and support my path. It has proven to be a powerful tool for manifestation and growth, so I am offering this day-long workshop to help you find your word of power. We'll use our dreams to discover a word of intention for 2016 and create a special piece of art: a painted dream feather to honor our word of intention and anchor the energy in our lives. (No art experience necessary, all materials provided) The feather is perfect for smudging, for your altar, and to remind you every day of your guiding word.

This is a chance to dive deep into a place of magic, insight and guidance~ It's designed to bring the potent energy and imagery of dreams into tangible form, to inspire and empower your waking life. We will learn the core technique of Active Dreaming, Lightning Dreamwork (created by Robert Moss), and also play a thrilling and mysterious synchronicity game... (and I have some special goodies for you!) The workshop will be held in a majestic private location in San Anselmo, CA. The workshop is $88. Space is limited~ If you are interested in coming, please let me know so I can hold a space for you.

"The workshop was inspiring~ It felt warm and safe.....you set a wonderful mood, connecting us through drumming, and the right mix of laughter, fun, contemplation and artistic work. Very balanced. You are a natural dream teacher, a woman on her path, shining..... Caring, thoughtful, intuitive. What a beautiful day, the tea, the friends, the care for every last detail....so perfectly planned and layed out." ~Melinda M.

I am continuing to offer Private Dream Sessions at my office in Fairfax and via phone. It has been deeply fulfilling to support people in this way~ To gently step into my client's dreams and guide them to find the unique and personal messages their dreams are revealing. Working with a dream in this way can unleash great creative and healing energy, while offering a fresh perspective on life challenges and relationships.~  Sessions are 60 minutes~ $80

"When I entered Tenaya’s space, the sense of magic was palpable.  I felt held in that magic - as well as in the tremendous transition of this time of my life.  It was as if the veils between the worlds slipped away - and the unseen presence became instantly more clear.  I was guided deeper into the truth of my own being - and the mystery of my life.  Tenaya was present with me, my life, and my dreams with genuine, heartfelt care - as well as expert insight.  I felt safe to express my deepest feelings, and I felt seen with uncommon depth.  I left feeling soft, strong, and open - filled with a sense of the wonder and majesty of what’s before me~ the sparkling wonder of the worlds of our dreams. Tenaya is a natural at offering access to this space. Join her for a dream journey; enter that oasis and be refreshed in ways you didn’t even know you were seeking." ~Christopher C.

The first Thursday Women's Dream Salon continues to grow into a beautiful community exploring the core techniques of Active Dreaming~ Sharing dreams as a group is powerful, profound and FUN! I feel us weaving deeper connections that are even growing outside of the group~ If you'd like to attend please let me know!

All of this is to say that I'm loving sharing this work with the world~ I truly feels like my calling and what so many experiences of my life have been preparing me for~ I hope you can join me soon! If you know of anyone who might be interested in this work, please feel free to share this with them~

All the best & bright dreams,

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dreaming for a Word of Power

"...One of the oldest and most generous tricks the universe plays on us human beings, both for its own amusement and for ours: The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them."
  ~Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic

Come dream with me~
Spring 2016 offerings:
First Thursday Women's Dream Salon
Please join me for an ongoing monthly Women's Dream Salon the first Thursday of each month, where we'll learn the basics of Active Dreaming as taught by my teacher Robert Moss. Gathering in a dream circle to share our dreams and listen deeply to each other's stories is a profound and healing experience. We'll play dream games, make art, and most importantly, devise ways to bring the messages of our dreams to waking life.

We'll start promptly at 6:30 with an introduction to the practices of Active Dreaming, dive right into dreamwork, break for light refreshments and elixir drinks containing magical Al-kemi Spagyrics, then make some art/poetry inspired by our dreams.

We will meet in a majestic private home in the San Anselmo hills~ The Dream Salon is $18 and space is limited, so please RSVP to secure a space & for the address.

Day-long Workshop Saturday, April 30th from 11-5
Dreaming for a Word of Power
In this workshop we will play with our dreams using the core techniques of Active Dreaming to discover a word of intention for 2016.  We'll create a special piece of art~ A painted dream feather to honor our word of intention and anchor the energy in our lives. (No art experience necessary) The workshop will be held in a majestic private location in San Anselmo, CA. It will be a day of connection, exploration and creativity in a gorgeous location The workshop is $88. Space is limited, please RSVP to register.

Private Dream Sessions

Dreams can exhilarate, confound and inspire~ Sometimes a "big" dream can change the course of our life, or illuminate a path not yet taken. In a one-on-one session, I will guide you to uncover the messages your dreams are sending you. Scary or recurring dreams often hold a strong charge for a reason~ There is something desperately trying to get through to you, or a piece of yourself may have become fragmented through trauma or the day-to-day losses we all face. Active Dreaming techniques show us, through vivid symbols, how to welcome back and integrate these lost parts of ourselves. Working with dreams in this way can help support you through creative blocks, personal struggles, and help you build a bridge to the deeper parts of yourself.
Sessions are 60 minutes long and include dream sharing, exploration, and guidance to bring the energy and vitality of your dreams to life. Expressive arts and movement may also be woven into your time. Sessions are $80 and can take place in person at my office in Fairfax, over the phone, or via Skype or Facetime. I have a few spots available for a complimentary session~ Please contact me if you are interested. You can read about my client's experiences here.

As the season turns and the light returns, may bright dreams light your way!
Very warmly,
Tenaya Amelia

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Path Emerges~

At the turning of the new year I see a path glimmering, stretching into the distance~ I'm excited to announce that I'm offering my first dream classes and workshops. Beginning on Thursday March 3rd, I am offering a Dream Salon the first Thursday of each month at a majestic private location in San Anselmo, Marin County, CA. The Dream Salon is an intimate gathering focused on sharing dreams using Active Dreaming techniques created by my teacher Robert Moss, and harvesting dream imagery and energy to guide and inspire waking life. This is the location of upcoming classes and workshops:
The Dream Salon will meet from 6:30-8:30, with a break for light refreshments and elixir drinks containing magical Al-kemi Spagyrics. We'll play Lightning Dreamwork, synchronicity games, dream theater, draw our dreams, and most importantly, devise ways to bring the messages of our dreams to waking life!

Space is limited, so if you are interested in attending, please RSVP @ dreamsthatspeak@gmail.com for details and directions. The class fee is $18~
If you would like to learn more about what I am offering, I have a new website~ www.dreamsthatspeak.com
To prepare for leading my first workshops and classes, I led a practice workshop for friends in September. We played the oracle card game, drank elixir drinks, and created collaged dream journals~ It was a wonderful chance to put the techniques I learned into practice, and see their power shine! I was struck with the depth, joy and connection in the room, and watching people discover the deeper symbolism and messages from their dreams.
Welcome Altar
Elixir Drinks
Completed Dream Journals
In April I will be offering a day-long workshop called "Dreaming for a Word of Power". Through dreams and dream journeys we will discover a word of intention for 2016 and  create a special piece of art to honor our words of intention and anchor the energy in our lives. (no art experience necessary) If this workshop interests you, please email me and I will put you on an early bird list, as space is very limited and you will be the first to know once I officially announce it~ 
Recent creations (in progress) at Bloom True part 2 in Portland
In October I got to travel back to Portland for part 2 of Flora Bowley's Bloom True workshop. I dove deep into three new canvases, this time using dream imagery for some of the compositions. One day of the workshop was my dad's birthday, and I passed around a little framed picture of him and talked about how I felt he had helped make it possible for me to be there. (I had gotten an email out of the blue from Flora's studio asking if I wanted to do a work-trade and attend the workshop) I couldn't help but feel he had a hand in orchestrating it from above~ 
 Flora and I in front of one of her paintings
As before, Flora was full of wise insight and encouragement, and I also had the chance to connect with an old acquaintance from 15 years ago, which has blossomed into a bright creative friendship. 
Migrating Monarch butterfly at Esalen
In November I was off to Esalen for a workshop with Robert Moss~ It was my first time at the renowned retreat center in Big Sur, and it didn't disappoint, with stunning ocean views, verdant gardens and migrating monarch butterflies flitting around everywhere! 
The view from my terrace
The constant crash of surf, deep starry nights, and powerful dream journeys, as well as meeting many delightful new friends made it a memorable retreat. My dream is to someday teach an art and dreaming workshop at Esalen.
Big Sur coastline
I am deeply grateful to have had these transformative experiences, and my hope is that I can bring all of this good energy to my classes and workshops. These first steps on the path are exciting and scary and powerful, and I'm honored to have you with me for the journey.

*For friends in the Bay Area, my teacher Robert Moss is leading a two-day workshop in Berkeley March 19-20. He is the real deal and an electrifying teacher. Please join me! Info is here

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stepping Into A New Dream

When I decided to scale back my card business a few months ago to make room for new creative projects, I had no idea how quickly and powerfully that space would be filled! It was challenging to let go of something I had built that had brought me satisfaction, confidence, and a sense of identity. 

Two experiences over the last month have left me knowing that I've stepped powerfully onto a new path, into a new dream.
At the end of June I travelled to Portland, Oregon to attend an Intuitive Painting worksop with renowned artist Flora Blowey.  I have followed Flora via her blog for years and was inspired by her creativity and how she empowers people to be brave and bold and trust themselves artistically and in life!
Flora, Pearl dog and I in front of her paintings
The minute I walked into Flora's colorful, light-filled studio, I felt like I had stepped into a place I had been dreaming of. Flora demonstrated techniques she has developed over 20 years of painting, and also shared many wise insights about how to stay free and open while painting. One of my favorites was: 

"Make bold commitments while staying open to change." ~Flora Bowley

My Paintings are the three on the left
Close Up 
Hummingbird Spirit in Progress
In Progress
It was thrilling to play on such a large (36"x36") canvas after five years of painting small (8"x8") for greeting cards. I loved using my whole body to dance across the canvas. One day during the workshop Flora invited a Kora (African 21-stringed harp) player, Will Dudley, to come and serenade us as we painted. I let the music flow right through me onto the canvas. I also had a chance to receive some feedback from Flora about my paintings and a great tip about turning the canvas in all directions to see what orientation "sings" compositionally. Flora demonstrated a variety of techniques using fluid acrylics to produce washes of color, stamping and etching. If you are interested, Flora has a great book, Brave Intuitive Painting, and she also offers an online e-course, Brave Intuitive You.
Photo by Zipporah Lomax
Photo by Zipporah Lomax
I fell in love with Portland and painting large-scale, and just bought an easel so I can paint BIG in my home studio! I appreciate how generously Flora shared herself and how wonderful and supportive her studio assistants Katie and Anya were~ I'm looking forward to attending the level 2 workshop soon!

Classroom Under the Cedars at Mosswood Hollow
I just returned from a Dream Teacher Training in rural Washington State with Robert Moss, world-renowned dream teacher and author. It was an in-depth study of Active Dreaming techniques that Robert developed, including Lightning Dreamwork, which is a quick process of dream sharing with a partner or group that helps you get to the essential message and energy of a dream and apply it to your life. We also practiced Dream Re-entry and Tracking. Dream Re-entry is a technique used to go back into a dream using shamanic drumming to learn more about a dream and explore within the dreamscape. With Dream Tracking, a partner (or a group of dreamers) enters the dreamer's dream (with permission and the aid of drumming) to explore and support the dreamer. These techniques are simple and potent. Robert has published many books on these techniques, and one of my favorites is Dreaming the Soul Back Home. He also has an e-course beginning 8/5/15 called Dreaming into the Dreamtime: Tapping the Power of Seven World Traditions for Transformation. 
At the Faerie Gate with wonderful new friends
The training was fast-paced, far-reaching, and challenged me in deep and powerful ways. From the start, Robert encouraged us to act as teachers, leading Active Dreaming techniques for the group and discussing our dreams and telling stories as if we were sharing them with the public. Robert stressed the importance of telling good engaging stories! I had an opportunity to lead the group in Lightning Dreamwork as if they were workshop participants in an art and dreaming workshop. Although I was nervous, I trusted myself and stepped into the role of teacher, which felt natural, like what I was born to do. 
Newly Graduated Dream Teachers
My name, Tenaya, means "to dream", "dreamer of wisdom", or "he who dreams" in the native language of the Ahwahnechee of Yosemite. My whole life I have felt like I needed to live into it, to honor my name as a path in life, and I feel like I have taken a definitive step onto this path. As a dream teacher I will lead workshops that bring together the practices of Active Dreaming and Expressive Arts to bring the potent energy and imagery of dreams into tangible form to inspire and empower waking life. 
Robert and I under the cedars
I will have a chance to study with Robert again in November at Esalen, and next July for Teacher Training Level 2 and Level 3 after that.

I'm so grateful to be walking this path~ I give thanks to my dad (who made this possible financially) and who showed up powerfully in a journey last week~ He encouraged me whole-heartedly on this path~ Feeling his love and support from beyond~